Take the first step to your new life.


Take the first step to your new life.

Who We Are



My Daily Support offers coaching services from a professional licensed counselor. My training and professional experience allows me to help clients better understand their situations and find solutions. The online text-based platform allows individuals to send messages throughout the day and receive daily support and feedback.

Therapeutic Focus


Our focus is to help individuals and couples heal and grow. This is achieved by providing a safe space to listen to your concerns, provide support and help you work towards your full potential. We believe that when support and feedback are provided consistently and regularly, individuals and couples are able to make progress and reach their goals sooner.



Life is not always easy and there are times when we could use support and feedback from a professional but may not have the time and finances for traditional therapy. My Daily Support provides that needed daily interaction and support without having to travel and for a fraction of the cost of traditional therapy. We use a free HIPPA compliant text-based messenger.

Our Services

Wellness Support


Do you feel “stuck” personally or professionally? Do you feel like no matter what you do you still end in up in the same place? Do you want to make positive changes in your life so that you can reach your full potential? Wellness coaching is appropriate for anyone would like some assistance in making long term positive changes in their lives.

We offer support and guidance as you create and work towards your goals. We can assist in creating a personalized plan to help you achieve your goals (whether professional and/or personal). We will provide daily support, motivation, advice, guidance, and help problem-solve during this process.

Examples of reasons why people seek wellness coaching – 

  • Want to advance in their career
  • Need to reduce stress
  • Want to increase self-esteem
  • Desire to lose weight
  • Want to improve their relationship 


individual SUPPORT


Are you in a new relationship or currently single and wish do it “right” this time? I can help you build and maintain a healthy and happy relationship. This type of coaching is valuable for those who have struggled in the past with the trials and tribulations of dating and relationships. Singles coaching is appropriate for single people of all ages and sexual orientations as well as those just starting a new relationship. 

  • Explore past relationships so that you can make different choices in current or future relationships and break your current cycle
  • Create a vision and plan of what you want and need in a relationship and learn how to get them
  • Learn how to attract who and what you want
  • Establish or enhance your self-esteem so that you can be your best in your next relationship 

Relationship Support


Are you currently in a relationship that you want to make work but cannot seem to do so on your own? Do you want to reduce the arguing, rebuild trust or learn better ways to communicate?

  • Explore the issues in your relationship that are making each of you unhappy
  • Learn appropriate ways of expressing your thoughts and feelings to each other
  • Learn how to “fight fair”
  • Learn how to move beyond past hurts and rebuild trust and a strong foundation
  • Identify your needs and learn how to get them met by your partner and learn how to do the same for your partner 

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Take the first step to your new life.

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